Welcome to Evolution Yoga & The Evolutionary Yoga Practice

Evolutionary yoga is a unique approach drawing on the time-tested ancient practices that help us to feel happy, balanced and content in a world full of chaos. We also hold 10 Day 100 Hour Evolutionary Yin Yoga Teacher Training courses. We integrate Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, mindful meditation, shamanic and Qigong methods. Evolutionary yoga also integrates tranquillising breathing & Gong healing sound practices that help relax the body and mind. Allowing ourselves to evolve and integrate the constant changes that life brings along has always been the foundation of any spiritual practice. Our lives bring us a multitude of experiences that we very rarely see as being teachings because we can tend to get a little lost in the drama and sometimes lose our soul purpose. You can download our App at Evolutionary.Yoga for information on yoga teacher training and retreats. Every year we hold our retreat and training courses at our retreat centre in Portugal.

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Peter and Sue have been holding yoga immersion retreat courses at their Centre in Portugal for over a decade. We skilfully weave together practices that are helpful in re-gaining our energy and allowing us to feel relaxed and full of confidence towards ourselves and the world. The yoga weeks are available to anybody, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. The practices that we draw on are from many traditions and we encourage everybody to be the expert of their own mind and body. On our retreats you will find yourself inspired to become your own teacher and see that hidden inside our everyday stresses and strains is an opportunity to learn and grow, identifying the the cause of our loss of essence can be a challenge but when you are around a community of people on the path, then it gets easier.

Our yoga retreat Centre is situated below the hill top village of Amieira at Quinta Do Bacelo which is known locally as the most fertile and nurturing land in the region. With ancient terraces calved into the hillside and several natural springs it is easy to see why hundreds of years ago families decided to settle here. When we originally moved here in 2008 the property had being abandoned and derelict for over 25 years. We have been very lovingly restoring the buildings and forest land over the last decade and have retained the estates rustic beauty.