Yoga Retreats October

Come and Join us on our October yoga retreat deep in the heart of central Portugal where you can take some well deserved time out and rest and restore. As the winter nights draw in it can be a real opportunity to re-establish your yoga practice in a warm and inviting environment, Our weeks invite you relax deeply and find a solid foundation in your yoga practice that works on the physical by providing some wonderful delicious meals cooked by our naturopathic chef. The meditation practices are helpful in calming the mind and allow us to see where we are over thinking things in our life or perhaps spending to much time lost in negative patterns of thinking. This can lead to us feeling disconnected from ourselves and life so it is nice to come into the momentary experience of what is happening now using mindfulness meditation methods of cultivating an attitude of kindness.
Our ashtanga retreat are a wonderful way of learning postures and find our own edge that is not agonising and to forceful. Using the vinyasa Krama method you have the opportunity of breaking down each posture and allowing the body to open up slowly. When we establish ourselves in a practice we have to open to the fact that the physical body rhythms change on a daily basis so accessing the breath as the guide is our foundation of all practices.
October Yoga Retreats
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