Yoga Retreats September

All bookings are made through the Yoga Evolution Retreat Centre website - Book a yoga retreat September and come and join us as we move towards winter months and the earth begins to go into hiding. Book onto one of our ashtanga yoga retreat weeks and give yourself the opportunity of learning a set sequence of postures. The primary series practice has been around for a very long time and starts with Sun Salutations A & B and then moves into standing postures. The primary series begins with Dandasana and we then finish with a set of closing postures. The practice is very self empowering and. Once you learn it, then you can take it everywhere you go as well as make up your own sequences that fit in with your lifestyle. We also have mindfulness meditation which looks at the method we can use to move into a space of stillness and develop the ability to just observe without getting drawn in. We also look at the attitude and how we can develop our own daily practice in the everyday interactions we have in work and our social life.
september yoga retreats
Our September yoga retreats are held in our retreat centre and home in the gorgeous mountain ranges of Portugal where you have the opportunity of being in the moment and allow the stresses of life to melt away.