Join our Yoga Retreats in Portugal

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View our Evolution yoga retreats Portugal Calendar. Our retreat centre is located in central Portugal where we have been providing a space for over a decade which has become a place for people to escape from the everyday stresses of modern living. Set in thirteen acres of well loved a cared for forest land to explore or take a dip in our natural salt water swimming pool that has the backdrop of the mountain ranges with breath taking views. Our retreat centre is known locally as the most fertile and beautifully terraced land for miles around and is called Quinta Do Bacelo. We have several natural springs and a tranquil stream running through the property where you can find lots of rock pools to paddle or bathe during a hot day.

Choose from shared or private accommodation

Yoga Holiday Accommodation

When you get in touch with us please do let us know what type of room you would like during your stay. We have a selection of private single rooms which all have double beds. If you are travelling with a friend then you have the option of a twin room and if you are a couple then select one of our double rooms. We have a stone cottage that has an eco toilet and kitchen elegantly decorated with a patio and views across the valley.

Digital detox yoga retreat

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If you are looking to have a complete digital detox then try one of our eco gypsy caravans located around 50 meters from the main house. The caravans have all of the facilities you will need, such as a shower overlooking the valley and a long drop eco toilet and solar lights. We understand that life today also includes staying in touch with friends and family using social media and do have Wi-Fi access in the main house just in case you have to keep up to date with work etc.

Affordable yoga retreats is what we like to offer people

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We have been holding retreats for over a decade and it is important to us that we keep our weeks inclusive rather than excluding those who might not earn as much as others. This is why we have a payment plan in place where you can pay at your own pace. When retreat centres get put on the best yoga retreats list they tend to really hike the price of a retreat up. We have been in many best lists including El Mundo top 5 retreats in Europe over the years. We are professionally trained and authentic teachers who want to create change in the world and always work hard to ensure our home is available to everybody.

Choosing your yoga practice style

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Yang)

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The styles of yoga practice available today are vast with many of them just offering the asana (posture) side of yoga which is only a very small dimension of yoga. On our weeks we provide a balance between diet, asana, mediation and breathing which is a necessity when we are trying to find peace of mind and a balance between physical/mental and spiritual growth.

On our ashtanga yoga retreat weeks you will have the opportunity of learning a set sequence of postures called the primary series. This is a time tested practice that has a blend of standing, sitting, twisting, balances, inversions and backbends. Once you learn this sequence then you can take it anywhere in the world and practice whenever you want. The sequence starts with sun salutations and then standing postures before you enter the primary series in sitting postures, it then ends with a closing sequence. We provide in-depth detailed instruction and all of our weeks are yoga retreats for beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Mindfulness Meditation retreat

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On the ashtanga weeks we incorporate mindfulness meditation practice which allows us to balance the mind by becoming aware of the constant flow of information entering our awareness. Learning to meditate by using a method and an attitude can create the most profound positive changes to our lives and what’s more they last for a lifetime and start to branch out into every aspect of our lives. We practice different styles of meditation that are for strengthening concentration by using an objet to focus on or we simply just allow what passes through our awareness to be there. We like to find a balance between both as they both cultivate a better understanding of the working of our minds.

Yin Yoga

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Over the years we have been developing our own approach to yin yoga by incorporating many different methods of removing blockages within the meridians of the body. During these classes which start at 6pm you can learn how to identify which organs of the body might have a chi deficiency? Yin yoga is all about connecting to our inner world and identifying where we are experiencing tension. Once we learn the method of yin yoga practice the benefits expand into our yang practice.

Qigong & Yin Yoga retreat

Starting in 2019 we will be holding retreats where the primary practice is medical qigong. These powerful and transformative philosophies and methods have been around for thousands of years and are rooted in the ancient practice of shamanistic healing. On these weeks you have the opportunity of learning the 5 element qigong movements to enhance organ health. This practice is also known as the 5 animal, where we make the shapes of the Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and crane. We will also be using yin yoga and the 8 trigram methods in the evening as well as integrating mindful meditation.

Sue & Peter have held and taught over two hundred retreats here in Portugal and do ask that you just come as you are. It is important that you remove any doubt about not being good enough or a yoga expert. We like to say that you are your own expert and if we can help your practice evolve in any way then we will be very share our observation. Your yoga practice is not about getting your legs round your neck or straining to get into postures, learning how your body works and finding and accepting your limitations is where the yoga is!

For a full list of retreat weeks please click on the month you would like to visit us. After clicking the link you will be directed to our centre's bookings website and will land on that month of weeks we are holding.